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Zero Bullets

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The commotion has arrived in our planet. The black stone has been stolen, it's a sacred stone that guard us from all mischance. The oracle predicted that the stone was in the hands of the leader of Bozon Planet. Our leader ordered you to lead a group of warrior ships to retrieve the stone. Unfortunately. In the middle of the mission, an organized group of enemy robots attacked your group with their strong radiation storm. There was nothing left, except you. The main weapon has been damaged. The only one left was the secret weapon that can be active for several time. But don't be afraid, we have prepared you with a powerful shield, a shield that can catch enemy bullets, and reflecting back to them. Continue the mission. Our destiny is in your hands now.

How to play

Move your mouse to control the ship movement. catch all enemy bullets and click to release it
Press space to activate secret weapon
Use A, D, or LEFT, RIGHT to rotate the shield. Don't hit the enemies