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1. Use Arrow Keys to move the cube. Press Space or Use Left Click to select the cube. Use the Numeric keys(1-6) to rotate the scene in 3d!

2. Collect the Letters by moving the single/double(vertical) cubes onto the letter.

3. Put the cubes into the holes(blueish Tiles) carefully to form a legitimate word.

4. You can reset any level by pressing the Reset button anytime.

5. Use the HINT button if you can't guess the correct word.

6. Use the Switch to open/close the bridge. Double cubes must stand vertically on the switch to activate/deactivate the bridge.

7. Weak Tiles: Double cubes can not stand vertically on these tiles.

8. Split Tiles: Splits the Double cubes into single ones!

9. Pink Tile: Shuffles/Swaps the letters of the double cubes.

10. Bridge Cubes: Drop these cubes to create your own bridge!

11. Scoring:
i. You will loose 10 points per move!
ii. Every use of HINT will cause you a penalty of 50 points! Every level win will give you a bonus of 1000 points!