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Thunderbirdz may seem like a simple enough game, but its difficulty settings are made so that the casual players may enjoy themselves on the Easy and Normal difficulties, while Hard and Hysterical are impossible to complete without developing a good strategy and approach to the game. The combination of low flying birds, energy economy and landscape events, all mixed up masterfully by the Game Randomizer, makes each gameplay a unique experience.

Packed with 90 levels (triplicated with large differences in the Standard, Slowdown and Massacre modes) as well as two special modes - Timelapse and Thunder Defense - Thunderbirds brings a lot of hours of fun for all ages. Track your progress in the Temple area, where all your high scores and achievements are saved.

Make your way through the 90 levels on 5 unique game modes, frying tons of different species of enemies. Pick-up interesting upgrades and witness unique landscape events that will influence your success, in an action packed, fast-paced game where shooting in a straight line is a thing of the past. Use the Fun Builder to construct your very own challenges, and thanks to the integrated Game Randomizer, enjoy excellent re-playablity! Welcome to the world of Thunderbirdz.