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The Complex

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“The Complex”; a 3d first person shooter inspired heavily by the FPS games of the early to mid 90's. Try to stay alive for as long as possible while shooting through waves of monsters to try and get your name onto the high score boards. The Complex is a very fast paced, violent and challenging shooter with a very arcade feel.

"," + "." to change mouse speed (important!)
Hold down left mouse button to look and turn
Left/right arrow keys = turn
“A” + “D” keys = strafe
“W” or “up arrow” = forward walk
“S” or “down arrow” = backward walk
“SHIFT” = Jump
“E” = Open doors

“SPACE” = Shoot
“1”, “2”, “3” + “4” = switch guns

“L” = Change graphics detail
Click right mouse button to view options/controls while playing