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The Bouncy Challenge

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Bouncy is a physics based puzzle game in which you have to navigate a bouncy ball through a series of deceptively simple mazes, involving different tile types, changing gravity and devious level designs.

The game features...

  • 30 fun and challenging levels, requiring skill, accuracy, coordination and a bit of luck,
  • Medals and leaderboards for both time and moves per level and overall,
  • Intuitive game play that is easy to learn and hard to master.


Click on the ball to drag the power arrow and release to launch the ball.

You can still launch the ball while its moving.

Pressing space stops the ball easily but costs 2 moves and 2 seconds.

First Impressions Quotes:

  • "Great game I could have played this for hours. I wanted to keep going on to the next level."
  • "Fascinating game which is nearly instantly intuitive."
  • "Super fun and stressful, I can see myself playing this for hours..."
  • "Very addicting game."
  • "Very easy to learn to play."