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The Blueberry Pie

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For FGL shop:

I must leave bored logo on mainmenu page. But in other places - there will be your logos + context menu link + your preloader + minor gameplay changings.


The nice fairytale with unusual subject and interesting characters won+rsquo;t let you be bored. Make sure you reach fifth level to see something "unusual" ;)

Hint: If you don't want to find differences but want to see whole the story - use following method:

Press mouse button - press "N" on keyboard - release mouse button.

Your task is to find differences between two pictures as early as possible, because time is your points!

Keep your eyes open +ndash; some secrets are waiting to be found out!

You will get a prize for finding the archer.

Hint: Try to look under the buttons O_O


Use your mouse to click on the upper or lower picture.

If you click at the right place, your points will increase, wrong click will decrease your points, so do not click everywhere!+nbsp;

UPDATE: Some sounds added.