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Take Something Literally 2

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Take Something Literally 2 is a compilation of+nbsp;25 original puzzles.+nbsp;In this game you just have to think outside the box. This game is abstract, conceptual and uses new interactivities. This new episode contains+nbsp;new features: new scoring system, new tip system and more funny rewards.

This game is available on more than+nbsp;20 differents languages+nbsp;(new languages can be added without any game modification).+nbsp;.

The first episode released in september 2009 recognizes+nbsp;more than 4M plays.

First episode:+nbsp;;(Armorgames: rating+nbsp;8/10) Finally, Take Something Literally 1+nbsp;won the weekly contest on Kongregate+nbsp;in september 2009.

A very important thing:+nbsp;A lot of players tend to click on the "Need help" button. So this button can redirect to your own walkthrough sitelocked on your website.

Take Something Literally 2 is 100% completed, never released, encrypted, playable and sitelocked.

The full walkthrough is available here:+nbsp;