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Star Striker

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Any feedback would be much appreciated.

Update 8-27-2010: More minor changes

Update 8-24-2010: Made a few minor aesthetic changes.

Update 5-8-2010: Added damage sound when the ship hits obstacles.

Update 2-20-2009: Major graphics update: most of the backgrounds and environments have been redone.

On the final boss fight, a fan goes by the screen.

Update 1-20-2009: If you steer the ship offscreen, the ship will take damage.

Update 1-14-2009: Fixed the final boss' firing.

Update 10-20-2008: The upgrade has been changed from two fast lasers to three.

Update 9-29-2008: The cells now restore some health and the first boss is a little easier.

Star Striker is a top down scrolling shooter where a large component of the gameplay is navigation as well as fighting enemies.

Instructions: Mouse to move, left mouse click to fire. Collect 3 cells to upgrade your weapon. Control button to pause.