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Star Relic

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Star Relic is a turn-based tactics game where players have to defeat their opponents using different units and skills. The game is played like any other turn-based game - players create units, move them around the board, attack enemy units and so on.

In Star Relic, it's pretty similar - players warp-in their fleets through special units called Warp Gates+nbsp;and the goal is to destroy the enemy's Gate.

But that's not all.+nbsp;The board rotates with every turn clockwise. Since it is made by different layers ('orbits'), the board changes dynamically throughout the game, forcing the players to adapt and analyze how the board will look like in future turns.

The game has 2 modes:

  • Story Mode - 3 different campaigns (one for each of the game's races), with 9 missions each, 30 different skills and a developing story.
  • Single Battle+nbsp;- Play against a friend in hotseat or against the CPU.