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Shuriken Run

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+nbsp;In Shuriken Run, your main goal is to travel as far as you can! There are many who want to block your traveling path. They wait to knock you down and have set up bamboo traps and a great wall that you must learn to break through!However, your weak cannon will do you no good in achieving this.Unlock many upgrades to help you gain in distance and speed, such as the Titanium Cannon, or the special Dragon -Features:
-A fun game mode that will keep you wanting more.-6 Character upgrades to unlock.-7 Booster items to unlock.-4 different hats and 7 different outfits to wear-Controls:-Cannon/Flying: Mouse movement.-Shooting/Jumping: Mouse Click

Space bar for sword attack
-Space Bar for attacking ground enemiesHave Fun!+nbsp;and put "4 different hats and 7 different outfits to wear, each with their Bonus´╗┐


This is a hard game,you cannot beat this game in 5 minutes. So at first you need to collect enought money to buy basic upgrades for longer travels.

Buy upgrades like straw hat/sumo/boots and stamina.With them you will be able to travel further and collect more money for greater upgrades.

Also sword strike requires fast reaction/ and you should jump in right time to collect extra gold bags or touch boost up items.

This game will be get very fun when you get to know how it works!Tongue out