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Saucer Panic

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Take charge of air traffic control on a series of busier and busier planets and space station whilst constantly scanning the skies for comets, asteroids and other passing traffic! A myriad of in-game upgrades are available, from the ability to rewind time to a 'Panic Button' which automatically lands all saucers at once, saving a possible disaster on an astronomical scale! Do you have what it takes to go up through the ranks to become a Space Traffic Controller, or will you succumb to Saucer Panic?


Guide the saucers to the landing pads by clicking on them and dragging a flight path.
Click on a saucer again to cancel or redraw its path.
Control the game speed with the Play, Fast Forward and Pause buttons in the bottom right corner of the display.
Activate the Panic Button (if you have bought it) by pressing the big red button! This lands all saucers on screen automatically.
The other upgrade items are activated automatically (assuming they have been purchased, and and fully charged) when the corresponding collision occurs.