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PaperPlanes is a arcade game of paper airplanes. The gameplay is classic but I put  emphasis on the behavior of the enemies and the scoring mechanics to improve the gaming experience. I've also tried to polish all the little details, as well as aesthetics.

The game has two modes:

Survivor: You start the game with 3 lives and unlimited time
Time Mode: You have 1:30 minutes and infinite lives

After each game global and game stats are shown. The player also gets a rank based on his score (E,D,C,B,A,S)

Finally, if you want more challenges, the game has 12 achievements most of them quite complicated, for hardcore gamers.

That is all, thank you for your comments



Due to the impressions of my beta testers have decided to use the mouse as a control of the game, this makes the game more accessible and addictive.

If you want to try the old control mode press "2" during the play


I have decreased the velocity of the floor acccording with my betatester opinions and feebacks.

I have modified some code lines to make the game more efficient.


I have added shadows to solve the problems that some people have to distinguish planes and background (also enhances the look of the game :)  )

Sponsors and Developers:

Press "1" to get an extra life in "Survivor mode" .

Press "2" to use keyboard control (arrow keys and space)


Sponsors:  If you want any change(Difficulty, scores, splash screen, achieves, ads, control, art, design or something else...), please contact me.

I can also add other languages to the game, especially Spanish

I have time and I am happy to do!