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Nilmerg's Quest

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Nilmerg is on his way to find the Holy Fruit Basket. But it's too far away!!

He needs to reach the giant birds which will take him to great distances. These birds are usually found in hard to reach areas, so he has to take the risk of jumping from one carnivore plant to another

Once Nilmerg has landed safely on a carnivore plant, you'll need to aim for the next plant of the bird's nest. Make the plant expel him before the time runs out and the plant swallows him. And aim well to avoid him crashing on the ground.

To direct the plant Nilmerg is in, click or drag over the scenery to make it 'look' into that direction. Then, press the big red button at the bottom of the screen for enough time to reach the desired throwing power. Once reached, release the button and the plant will expel Nilmerg, and he will go flying.

If you aimed well, he will land over the next plant or the bird's nest. If not, he will crash on the ground and you'll lose a try.

You can zoom in and out to get a better view of the scenery use the A and Z keys, or the +/- icons over the eye at the bottom left of the screen.

You start with 10 tries, and you'll earn additional tries each 1000 points and when completing a level. You get points by landing for the first time on a plant (10 points per second remaining), for landing on the bird's nest (20 points per second remaining). Also when completing a level you'll get 100 points for each try left, and 2000 points when completing the game.