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Murder On Everest

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Take control of Scott Devlon in his return to Everest to recover the body of Derek Sodoc, only son of the worlds richest and most powerful man.

Move from camp to camp up the mountain until you find the body. Negotiate your way around sheer rock faces and deep crevasses in order to reach your goal. Watch out for avalanches and be sure to keep moving to avoid the risk of frostbite and depleting your dwindling oxygen supply.

Youll earn points for how far you manage to make it up Everest. Earn bonuses for maintaining your body temperature and any oxgen you have left in your tank by the time you reach the next camp. So always look for the shortest route up the mountain to increase your score.


Use the mouse to point and click to guide Scott Devlon on his treacherous climb.

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Esc - Quit Game