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Minima Time

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You only have 10 Seconds to Live! Slow down and stop time to extend the last seconds of your life. There's a huge world to explore and tons of dangers and hazards to avoid and manipulate with time shifts. Ultimately every life must come to an end though! Compete for online high scores! Instructions: The goal of the game is simple: Extend your last 10 seconds of Life for as long as possible. Find Checkpoints, Collect Clocks and slow down or stop time to live longer and avoid dangers. You can fall 1 screen down into the rock area, but if you fall further you+rsquo;ll die. Check out the little instruction/tutorial in game. Controls: The W, A, S, D keys move the player around. W jumps +ndash; press it again to double jump You can shift time by pressing spacebar. Press it once to slow time, again to stop time, and yet again to resume time.