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Medieval Crusade

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Medieval Crusade is flash strategy game.All action is going on in medieval times.Your goal is to destroy enemy base.Send your units against enemy tower, build towers to gain extra money or +nbsp;build towers to increase defense.Use all your skills versus+nbsp;furious Bosses!

Unlock 12 units

Fight against many enemy units and bosses

Unlock 9 Maps

Build 3 types of towers

Use 4 types of skills

Three available in-game languages- English/Spanish/German

*In order to be succesful in battle, use your skills, build towers and send your units.

Mining Tower gives you extra money each 5 seconds.

Fire Tower attacks every enemy unit in range

Defense Tower has a lot of health and it can protect other towers.

Strategy for Soldiers:

First send melee soldier, and then send more ranged units for extra damage.

When you gain Experience from killing enemies, use it against enemy units and bosses!