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SPACEBAR - Reset level
CTRL - Key shortcut to return to level select
M - Pause or Play current song
Click or P key - Pause menu
Arrow Keys - Move around on platforms

Right click - Return to level select screen, Mute, Play music, Quality, Particles

Auto play next level will turn off if you return to level select screen.
Achievements are on the second page!!!

Hurray my first AS3 game! Particle effects and everything! I'm really happy with the way it looks. I need to change

my pants everytime I see the level select page.
It's also my first puzzle game! And quite the original idea huh? :P
Anyways I poured hours of work into this, please ENJOY!!

For those complaining about the music, you can right click and mute or press M! :D
And yes, all of the levels are possible ;) Even if they start off easy but get very difficult!
See walkthrough here:

- Platforms decrease their counter when move on them, so don't be decieved by their current state when you are

on them.
- Look at where the end to the level could be, sometimes it's obvious!
- Getting rid of the nearest tiles as fast as possible usually works, if there is a 3 tile and a 2 tile, move back and

forth between them!
- Don't give up! Please I tried hard to make every level and even the bonus level! :D

- Lost Love [ ] By: corbetweller
- Arival To Earth (Piano) [ ] By: ililililil
- First Rendez-Vous [ ] By: Para (Koriigahn)

And thank you! Enjoy!