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Lost Bunny

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This game attempts to couple simple, exciting gameplay with cute graphics and a shop-based reward system to keep players hooked. Bonuses and hazards appear in various places on the screen each level, and the player must avoid the bad things whilst collecting the good ones, until the level times out.

Though the gameplay is simple, further levels introduce more bonuses and enemies in order to stop the gameplay from becoming stale. During the course of her adventure, Waffles will encounter enemies including foxes, hedgehogs, fish, squids, frogs, snowmen and birds. She will also eat a variety of foods, ranging from the simple carrot to grapes, raspberries and ice-cream cones!

The game's real addictive element is intended to come from the shop system though. Players can exchange the money that they've earned in the levels for various items of clothing and other rewards, ranging from a top hat (which raises the rabbit's defence) to roller-skates (which make her faster) to a jetpack. There are 20 rewards in total, and each of them, if bought, will appear on the body of Waffles herself in-game.