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LiRE: Life with Rabbit Ears.

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You are +nbsp;Rabbit, I don't care if you don't believe me, you are. You are good at collecting seeds, you always have been, that's how you survive. What's that you say? Rabbits don't collect seeds? Well you do, that's why you were chosen by The Green Man to restore the world.

Year after year you must collect more and more seeds so that The Green Man will continue to give you eternal life. If you don't meet your quota, it's off to Bunny Valhala for you, a fine fate, but one for another day.

This is Life with Rabbit Ears.

Game now includes bonus holiday themed hats which appear on players around holidays.

***Now available for purchase in the game shop. Sales cannot be finalized until our new sponsor has their branding fully implemented and has had their one week exclusive posting. Early buyers will get a 10% discount on price ending once sales can be finalized!***