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Last Battle

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Game "Last Battle" is a classic shooter with some new elements. Prehistory is as follows: land captured by aliens, they enslaved the people and for their own enjoyment created a game in which the person operates the robot-machine and must resist the alien machines.

The game consists of 23 levels. Each level can have a different number of rooms with different atmosphere inside. Each room has its own set of attacks. The attack begins or at the reflection of the previous (killed all the enemies), or upon the occurrence moment of time for which it is intended.

During the game the hero earns money. He gets them for the passage of the level, for killing the enemy and as a gift. On earnings player can buy new weapons, a bullet for him, a new engine for greater maneuverability, the bombs that are perfect for combating the enemy cannons and armor that greatly reduces the damage from falling bullets (Hero Equipment).

Element that makes game iteresting is the weapon with the radio-guided missiles that fly over the mouse.
Also sent to the mouse and the bomb after pressing the space bar.

A major asset of this game, in my opinion, is the presence of the engine to create a custom game scenario, with the desired number of levels (+lt;= 40), rooms (+lt;= 10) and attacks (+lt;= 50). Engine allows you to choose tiles for the levels, to create any environment of the boxes in the room, add the desired number of attacks. For each attack, you can add gifts and enemies.