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Inner Zombie

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WASD = Move+nbsp;
Left-Click = Shoot a Freeze/Shrink Enzyme+nbsp;
Space = Drop Freeze Bomb+nbsp;
Shift = Drop Time Bomb+nbsp;

You are a white blood cell. Your must protect the red blood cells. One way to do this is to bump them out of harm's way. The other way is to destroy the zombie viruses by moving over them. To help you do this, you can slow down the viruses or shrink them by shooting enzymes at them or by using Freeze or Time Bombs. Also, pick up as much RNA (green spots) as you can.+nbsp;

There are 3 types of zombie virus:+nbsp;
Dissolver (looks like a mouth): Destroys red blood cells; must be shrunk before they can be eliminated; can also shrink you and make it temporarily impossible to shoot+nbsp;
Eater (looks like a veiny eyeball): Grows by eating red blood cells+nbsp;
Spreader (looks like a black and yellow ball): Turns red blood cells into zombie viruses