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Honey Hunter

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"It's a complete chaos!. Many of your bee brothers are missing. Somebody stole the hive's honey reserves. The swarm is starving because of the+nbsp;nectar shortage...+nbsp;These are hard days for the bees, and the Bee Queen has chosen you to uncover those misteries..."+nbsp;

Game Controls:

Use your mouse to move the bee, and left click to sting your enemies. Further instructions+nbsp;at the+nbsp;tutorial level.


More than 1 hour of gameplay in "Normal" mode, even more in "Hard" mode, and an endless "Survival" level.

-Play the 30 levels of the story.

-Get rid of the bee's enemies, from beetles and mosquitoes to pigeons and robots!

-Upgrade your Attack, Speed, Boost and Health, at the hive store.

-Beat the 5 Big Bad Bosses.

-Test your skills in the survival level to increase your overall score.

-Fight against nature, in the windy and rainy levels.

-Kill all enemies and find hidden bonus+nbsp;to get the perfect badge of every level.

-Explore the fields, the+nbsp;tunnels, the forest, the backyards, the kitchens, the+nbsp;sewers, the supermarket,+nbsp;and+nbsp;all scenarios in the 5 worlds of Honey Hunter.


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