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Gas 'N' Go

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Control your character by moving him around the gas station forecourt. Serve each unique customer by fuelling up their car, washing their car, pumping up tyres and even filling up trucks!

Remember to multitask and manage your time carefully - while some cars are filling up, serve other valuable customers before they get fed up and leave. Don't get caught out though, it's all too easy to overfill a tank!

The game starts out simple, few customers at a reasonable pace. But watch out - as you progress and add more items, your gas station will become more popular and you'll be swept off your feet before you know it!

Full interactive tutorial included. Remembers users on the same computer and saves the score. This encourages the user to play again and try and beat the score next time. Online high score interface is included within the game if you'd like to use your own high score system. (If you have your own API the in-game interface can be scrapped). Otherwise I will integrate the Mochiscore API.