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Forgotten Asylum

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Forgotten Asylum  takes you to an old asylum that was shut down due to paranormal activity. There were several deaths which were all unresolved. You are sent to the Whispering Oaks Asylum to try and figure out what went happened so long ago. The game entails many puzzles and a keen eye for subtle clues.
I intend on this game doing very well. I released a game earlier this year called Abandoned, it has had over a million plays and still gets an average of 2,000 plays every day. Forgotten Asylum doesn't even compare to Abandoned, this game has been well planned out, has had hundreds of hours put into it and has twice the content. The file that I have placed on Flash Game License has the quality dropped by half and no sound in order for it to be under 10 MB, I plan on compressing it as much as possible to avoid long load times.