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Finding my Heart

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*** Note: a walkthrough can be found at the bottom of the description ***

In Finding my Heart, a romantic game entirely played with the mouse, the player interacts with other characters to learn emotions and expressions so he can seduce the woman he loves once again.


  • Point and click, story based adventure
  • The whole story is told without any words, making it accessible to everyone, everywhere!
  • Very few in-game text make it easy to translate in different languages
  • A cast of fully animated lovable characters
  • Gorgeous vectorial graphics and animations
  • High quality music and sound effects strongly support the narrative
  • A self-explaining interface and story integrated instructions wastes no time on the player, keeping him deeply involved with the game
  • A side quest rewards the diligent player with special downloadable bonuses (music of the game, avatars, desktop images, etc.)+nbsp;
  • No time wasted in menus or through long explanations. Jump right into the game!

Finding my Heart

+nbsp;Finding my Heart




  • Go to the bar and click on the barman.
  • Use the +ldquo;talk+rdquo; skill with him to unlock the +ldquo;listen+rdquo; skill.
  • Go to the park and click on the young girl.
  • Use the +ldquo;listen+rdquo; (ear) skill with the girl to unlock the +ldquo;love+rdquo; skill (the heart).
  • Click on the boy and use the +ldquo;talk+rdquo; skill.
  • When the boy is listening, use the +ldquo;love+rdquo; skill (heart). The boy will start singing for the girl.
  • Click on the boy again and use the +ldquo;listen+rdquo; skill to unlock the +ldquo;sing+rdquo; skill.
  • Go back to the bar and click on the woman.+nbsp;
  • Use the skill in this order with the woman: +ldquo;talk+rdquo;, +ldquo;love+rdquo; and +ldquo;listen+rdquo;. You will receive the +ldquo;sadness+rdquo; skill (stormy cloud).
  • Go outside the bar and talk to the hobo.
  • Use +ldquo;listen+rdquo; and then +ldquo;sadness+rdquo; with the hobo. You will receive the +ldquo;anger+rdquo; skill.
  • You now have all the skills. Go back to the appartment and click on the second floor (where you see the silhouette of the player's girlfriend walking).
  • Use the skill in this order +ldquo;sing+rdquo;, +ldquo;talk+rdquo;, +ldquo;sadness+rdquo;, +ldquo;love+rdquo;, +ldquo;anger+rdquo;, +ldquo;listen+rdquo;.
  • The ending animation will start!

There is five coins hidden in the environment. They are used to unlock downloadable material after the ending animation. The coins are hidden in these places:

  • +nbsp;Near the appartment in a flower bed.
  • In the park, click on the bird.
  • Outside the bar, click on the mouse (garbages).
  • Outside the bar, under the newspaper.
  • In the bar, on the pool table.