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Encleverment Experiment

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Test your mental faculties with Professor Ivor's Questions experiment! Play 3 fun-filled minigames and track your results to see just how Enclevered you can get!

Semi-Vinyls: The Professor+rsquo;s precious record collection has been shattered! Spot the shards that go together and fix the broken records!

Teleporter Troubles: Help to repair the teleporter by memorizing the face that goes in and picking the correct one from the four that pop out the other end!

Griddled: Use your powers of observation to track down the Professor+rsquo;s password in the tangled web of letters!

Time is of the essence +ndash; the more quickly you answer, the more points you receive. The better you do, the more quickly you+rsquo;ll rise up the Professor+rsquo;s progress chart +ndash; can you reach the top and become truly Enclevered?

If you need some support, the Professor has dozens of wacky Mascots to inspire you to greatness! You can unlock the whole collection if you apply the four corners of your cranium to their highest potential!