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Deus Racer

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It is the year 2525.

Most of the world is ruled by a large supercountry, Eurasia.

A system of implants that improve a human's reflexes, agility and, in theory, intelligence has been designed here. The subjects are called Generation 1, or B07 (bots). They are an army of
superpowered soldiers, meant to take over the world.

However, because of an unknown error in the implant system, all the Generation 1 bots started to lose their will, their personality and became mere puppets.Amadeus, once a mechanic, was one of the Generation 1 soldiers.

He was fortunate enough to be immune to the error. Because of this, he is now wanted for more experiments. His only hope is Dr. Sobek, an old friend and ex top-scientist of Eurasia who
now guides Amadeus by satelite. You have to help Amadeus escape the country and start a
new life.