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Clash of the Olympians

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Developer Note

We are selling sitelocked licenses.
Below is a comparison between a sitelocked and the regular public version:

Site locked versions feature:
- Branding from sponsor as shown on the game.
- No ads.
- 3 Playable heroes.+nbsp;
- Tips on upgrade screen.+nbsp;
- 6 Possible awards. (more can be added) [optional]
- Scores API [optional]
- 12 Languages+nbsp;

Regular public version features:
- Branding from primary sponsor (SPIL GAMES)
- CPMStar Ads at loading and Upgrade Screen.
- 2 Playable heroes. 1 locked hero only available at sponsor site.
- 12 Languages+nbsp;+nbsp;


Game Description

Clash of the Olympians is an action defense game where play as one of the mythical heroes: Heracles, Achilles or Perseus.

Upgrade your weapons and select a godly power to fight off the hordes of evil creatures that attempt to destroy your temple.

Control Scheme

Mouse to Aim
Left Mouse Button to Fire