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Chubby Ninja

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Prove your girth as a ninja master! Use your ninja powers to leap, fly and battle your way through the randomly generated Cave of Trials, collecting treasure, dodging traps and dispatching enemies. Can you complete all 30 challenges?


30 Ninja Challenges to complete, ranging from easy to very hard
Randomly-generated environment for maximum replayability
A variety of enemies, special characters and collectible items to discover
Online leaderboards with Twitter and Facebook integration


Move:+nbsp;+nbsp;+nbsp;+nbsp;+nbsp;+nbsp;+nbsp;+nbsp; [LEFT ARROW] and [RIGHT ARROW]
Jump:+nbsp;+nbsp;+nbsp;+nbsp;+nbsp;+nbsp;+nbsp;+nbsp; [A] or [UP ARROW]
Ninja Flight: [S] or [SPACE]
Ninja Strike: [D] or [X]

Pause game:+nbsp;+nbsp; [P]
End game:+nbsp;+nbsp;+nbsp;+nbsp; [ESC]
Toggle sound: [M]