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Defeat enemies and pick up stars to acquire useful items (such as landmines) and upgrade your beetles' weapon systems.

Achieve the target score to add another beetle to your squad.

Learn the abilities and weaknesses of all 25 enemy creatures.

If ten enemies manage to reach your base, it's game over!



Click and drag to navigate around the map.
Click a beetle to select it and bring up its status window.
Click on the ground with a beetle selected to make the beetle crawl to that location.
Double-click a beetle to make it airborne. Airborne beetles can quickly move in a straight line to another location.

From a beetle's status window (displayed on the right-hand edge of the screen when a beetle is first selected):
+nbsp;- Click the STAR to open the inventory. From here you can purchase and deploy inventory items (landmines and traps)
+nbsp;- Click the weapon slots to buy and upgrade weapons
+nbsp;- Click the health meter (directly below the beetle) to replenish health