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Bubble Domination

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In demo, 25 levels are available.+nbsp; In full version will be 50 levels. Game is almost complete,+nbsp; just testing+nbsp; is in+nbsp; progress and 25 levels must be created. Game is prepared for Android 2.2 phones (multiscreen support). GAME IS CREATED FOR ANDROID FLASH CONTESTS ON FGL, MOCHI AND KONGREGATE. For this reason, searching for sponsorship is limited to 16.9.2010. Of course, sponsor will determine, if game will be send to contests.

Available in Full version(everything can be changed):
50 levels to play in campaign mode
random level play with random attributes
Top 10 displayed in menu screen
click ad inserted in attribute screen
Mochi Ad during loading
player can submit score to Twitter
MochiAPI, Kongregate and MindJolt API supported
Game is prepared

Bubble Domination is a simple strategy game. The goal is to conquer all Bubbles in water world.+nbsp; Lets go and became the greatest bubbler in the world!

In Bubble Domination, you are going+nbsp; through water levels. Each level is dfferent. There are 3 sizes of Bubbles, each with different grow speed and population limit.Three types of enemies are waiting for you. After each level,+nbsp; you can improve your army by increase its attack, defense, speed and morale.

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