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Beat Jockey

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Beat Jockey is a rhythm game with randomized note tracks based on the Beats per minute of the theme played. Beat Jockey contains three different ways to play which are categorized as different difficulties.


7 Songs called "themes."

3 Difficulty levels which all play differently and use different control schemes

Saved Medals and top scores.

Three Modes:

Beat Baby (easy) - Play with just four buttons, press the corresponding note at the correct time to play the note.

Strum Style (normal) - Hold down the correct button and press the space bar at the correct time to play the note.

Click Trick (hard) - Same game play as strum style except for hitting the space bar, you must physically click on the note to play it.


A- Blue note

S- Green Note

D- Red Note

F- Yellow Note

Space- Play Note(for Strum Style)

Left Click- Play Note(for Click Trick)