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Attracting Twist!

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The Vertigo Project offers a new unique gameplay element to chain reaction games!Your goal is to hit a target with the chain-starter cannon and then rotate the world (and thus the gravity) to hit other targets with the destroyed particles!

Each shot costs 10 points! Each particle combination brings in additional 10 points! You can use points to upgrade the chain-starter cannon during the Challenge Mode!

In the Challenge Mode the player has to survive 15 crazy levels, each with an unique twist! In the Relax Mode the player can play as long as he like and collect points and experience points! There is also the notorious Extreme Mode, which has all original and crazy items and levels in it.

21 achievements can be unlocked, 21 unique crazy items wait to be discovered and the game offers different difficulty levels.



Left/Right for rotation (the gravity rotates also).

Hold Mouse to gain shooting power.

Release Mouse to fire.


The Vertigo Project Ingame