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Looking for a multiplayer API? Check out Pulse, a multiplayer API you can use for free with Andrograde :)

Why is the payout so high for Andrograde?

Andrograde was founded by Flash game indie developers who were fed up with not making any money with the games they worked so hard to create. Andrograde has less than a handful of employees and almost no expenses (not even an office), this allows us to have almost no overhead and pass the savings on to our fellow indie developers :)

How to integrate Andrograde API

  1. Apply for an API Key
  2. Add the Andrograde Library to your game project
    In Adobe CS3
    1. Open the FLA file and select all of the library items (hold ctrl and click on the items)
    2. Right click and copy and paste the items into your Flash project
    3. You can see example code to initialize the API in the first frame (hit F9)
    In Flash Develop
    1. Go to Project -> Properties -> Compiler Options
    2. Click on SWC Include Libraries, then click on ...
    3. Enter the full path to the SWC including the name of the SWC file
  3. Integrate the Andrograde API code in your game (see below)
  4. Upload the new version of your game with the Andrograde API integrated into it
  5. Test your game by going to 'View Game'
  6. If the API code has been properly integrated, the API not implemented beside your game in the upload page will disappear
  7. Click 'Edit Game' and Check 'Live' then click 'Done Editing' to list your game on the Andrograde
  8. Spread your game throughout the net, the Andrograde API will work on any site!

Uses and Ideas

Examples & Tutorials

Adding the Initial Andrograde API Code
Logging in a Player
Selling items and features in your game
Offering a Paid Full Version for your game
Setting and Getting Stats
Getting player's rank for a stat
Getting stats for another player
Setting stats for another player
Getting High Scores
Game Variables You Can Change After Release
Selling items and features with a controllable price
Save and Share user generated content
Official Documentation

Download SWC version 4.31
For Flash Develop (AS3 or Flex)/Flex Builder

Download FLA version 4.31
For Adobe CS3/4

View Demo

Download Demo Source Code

Revenue share: 75% to developers

The version posted here may not be the latest version of the API. Please contact me at for inquiries.

Andrograde API only works with Actionscript 3